Pure Vegan Calcium Bis-Glycinate Magnesium

Pure Vegan's Calcium Bis-Glycinate with Magnesium is one of the most soluble forms of calcium since it's a fully reacted mineral chelate. Calcium bis-glycinate is nearly 200% more absorbable than calcium citrate!

Benefits of Calcium bis-glycinate include;

  • enabling muscles, including the heart, to contract, and are necessary for normal blood clotting
  • proper nerve transmission
  • connective tissue maintenance
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • may reduce the risk of heart disease and angina, which is characterized as a "Charley Horse" type of pain in the chest.

Calcium is also very important in fat metabolism. It makes for less fat storage and better use of present macronutrients in the blood. In addition, some studies suggested that calcium may help relieve premenstrual syndrome "PMS". Furthermore, studies also suggested that calcium supplements may be able to reduce colon polyps. Average adults including pregnant women need at least 1000mg of calcium daily, while post-menopausal women need up to 1500mg a day.

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Pure Vegan Calcium Bis-Glycinate wth Magnesium
Calcium and Magnesium Vegan
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